Cedevita Go! Packaging Secrets Revealed at PDM10 Conference

Unique new screw cap developed for Cedevita Go!

The design and development of a smart dosing cap for the leading consumer health drinks brand Cedivita Go!  is the subject of the Design in Detail: Packaging presentation at the free-to-attend Plastics Design & Moulding Exhibition and Conference (PDM10) taking place at the Telford International Centre, 18 -20 May 2010.

In the afternoon of Thursday 20th May, Luc van den Broek, project manager at Teamplast will outline how his team co-operated with the brand owner Atlantic Grupa to develop a new type of screw top. When unscrewed the top empties Cedivita vitamin powder into the bottle’s natural spring water contents for an instantly, healthy and refreshing drink.

Leading Croatian food and healthcare manufacturer Atlantic Grupa, approached Teamplast in the search for a packaging solution that would enable customers to experience the freshest, healthiest, vitamin-packed drink, which could also be enjoyed on the move. The positive effect of the drink’s vitamins deteriorates within hours of mixing with water, so a premixed solution was out of the question.  Making the vitamins available in a powder is best for preserving their quality, but Teamplast had to find a way to protect the powder from the damaging effects of humidity while keeping it fresh.

Drawing on its experience in developing functional packs, Teamplast successfully designed a hermetically sealed container within the dosing cap using aluminium foil. Also designed into the cap was a foil cutter knife, which is released as the top is unscrewed. The cut foil is cleverly retained in an open position to allow the powder to drop into the pre-filled spring water as the drink is opened.

As well as designing the PET bottle, Teamplast was instrumental in overseeing the design and development of the filling and packing line facilities, which were critical to the efficiency of the high speed production and the project’s overall success.

Other free conference sessions at PDM10 include Design in Detail project case studies in the areas of plastics electronics and packaging. Keynote speakers include Sir Richard Needham, international and commercial director at Dyson, Professor Martin Darbyshire, design guru and CEO of Tangerine and Professor Lord Bhattacharyya founder and director of WMG. To find out more about the PDM10 exhibition and to reserve a free-in-advance place at the conference, visit www.pdmevent.com


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